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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


ImpactBase is a new online search tool, created to bring greater information and efficiency to the marketplace for impact investing funds.

The database provides investors, funds, foundations, family offices and other wealth amangers an efficient and organized mechanism for finding the information needed for the impact investing. Users can search for funds that may fit with their impact investment interests and objectives. It is a global platform which allows users to search across asset classes, impact themes, geographic targets, fundraising status, assets under management, and other parameters. Fund managers are able to upload information about their fund(s) and gain some exposure to a community of interested investors and the advisors who serve them.

This is a much needed component to building out the infrastructure to support iimpact investing as an asset class. Check out ImpactBase.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day...Love Shared

Today is Valentine's Day. It is a day meant to celebrate love shared. On this Valentine's Day I write about loved shared between two sisters - Abigail and Aimee Sandler.

The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a story today on the front page of the Health section. Written by Stacey Burling, the story is about Aimee's Bulletin, which is inspired by the life of Aimee Sandler. This law took effect because of the love and dedication of her sister, Abigail.

Aimee was mentally disabled living in group-home. She got very sick in 2006 and that set off a conflict between Aimee's family and the home's administrators. It was then that Abigail raised the question as to who has legal say if families disagree with care providers.

Aimee's Bulletin clarifies how Pennsylvania laws affect decision-making for group-home residents near death who can't make choices. Abigail fought tirelessly for this and since Aimee's Bulletin has been signed she is dedicated to spreading the word to families that the Bulletin exists and that they have the ability to make decisions for their loved ones.

The Philadelphia Inquirer story can be read here.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Night Out With Meaning: Building a Family

Last night I hosted Night Out With Meaning; a series of evenings for women to be inspired by the stories of women like Sue Badeau.

Surrounded by 35 women, Sue told her family's story through pictures and metaphors. She shared her experiences of adoption, foster care, and the unlikely, but powerful decision to welcome 3 terminally ill children into her family. It was an emotional and inspirational evening. Night Out With Meaning is about learning, connecting and reflecting.

Sue gave each of us a shell and talked about its imperfections and beauty a wonderful metaphor for her 22 children as she told a story about each of them. I have been thinking about her family's journey and their unexpected destination. I have been thinking about choices and fate. I have been thinking about permanence and what a lovely concept it is. I have taken that concept of a permanent family for granted. I have been thinking about unconditional love. One of the biggest takeaways for me hearing Sue's story is that when she encountered something she didn't think was right, she listened to her call to action. Thank you, Sue and thank you to Chelsea, Joelle, SueAnn, Florinda, and Renee. More information on the Badeau family can be found at www.badeaufamily.com.

Consider this an early invitation to you and a friend for the next Night Out With Meaning held on May 12, 2011. The topic of interest is "Empowering Women". I have lined up a truly interesting woman to talk about her journey which started with being the first single, American woman to adopt internationally. Marjorie Margolies joins as our storyteller. She is founder of Women's Campaign International (WCI). Marjorie started WCI in 1998 to help increase the participation of women in political and democratic processes around the world "to make sure there were more women at the table." Marjorie is an Emmy winning journalist, a former Congresswoman, an advocate for women, and a teacher.